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Sun, Aug. 22nd, 2010, 08:06 pm
Introducing My new blog - MISTRESS TOKYO LIVE.com!

Hi E/everyone!

Wondering why I don't blog anymore here? There's a REALLY good reason...

I've been building a new blog in the last couple of weeks which offers My followers here so much more - so I've sort of been holding off posting until it's online. It's taken Me longer to build than I'd thought, hence the delay in publishing it here sooner!

I've got a few entries up already though, particularly as I'm featured again in Bootlovers.com #69 and have started writing for Tony Mitchell's UK based The Fetishistas.com!

Here's My new blog...


At MistressTokyoLive.com, you can now link directly to My Flikr.com photostream, browse through to any new articles I publish on TheFetishistas.com, send Me and email directly from the blog, find Me on Twitter while still see pictures of My sessions and read up about My goings on... It's the only place to be to learn more about Me!

There's now ONLY ONE unique place to find Me on Twitter, Facebook, Fetlife, Live Journal, etc. Tell Me what you think! :)

Yes, I intend to keep My Live Journal but only for historical purposes! If you'd like to continue to follow Me, you can do so now at Mistress Tokyo Live!

Stay tuned for more developments as My new blog grows!

Best - in boots again,


Mon, Jun. 28th, 2010, 11:31 am
Uber Under 30's workshop a great success!

Hi A/all!

Yesterday for the first time Uber presented one of their famous BDSM Bonanzas to the Sydney Under 30's Bdsm kink social group! I've participated in a number of Uber's Bonanzas before, presenting on a diverse range of topics such as Sensory Deprivation and Electrical play - but this time I was asked to talk on the basics of Bondage and Discipline!

I had 40 young people at My whim to learn and expand their knowledge on B&D. We covered as diverse a range of topics as I could cater to in the short period of time; to discuss Bondage I did demos on mummification, Shibari and My straight jacket proved to be lots of fun for all! (I put a few people in it after the workshop!) I discussed Discipline in two broad streams; in terms of both traditional Corporal Punishment - percussion play; and the more subtle mental strengths of holding your own space in a scene, whatever scene it may be, and the virtues of the discipline of protocols. You all missed a lot if you weren't there!

I have another workshop on next month! It's one I've been looking forward to presenting and Miss Dee at Uber and I have been discussing it for ages! A latex clothing making workshop! I'm going to take the lucky participants through what I've leant in the last 6 years I've learnt in My time making rubber! I'll be letting people in on the tricks of the trade and how to make themselves simple pieces that they can actually wear to events. This workshop will be invaluable to those who like to make some basic gear for themselves! I'm not afraid of sharing My knowledge as the more people into rubber in the world - the better, I say!

The workshop is on Wednesday 28th July, called the "Latex - crafty "how to" Workshop." It costs $90 and the start time is 7.00pm. It will run for approx 3 hrs. Once registered, participants will be given the address of the venue. I plan to show people the basics and then help them to make a piece of rubber clothing to take home! Wow - you get to learn how to make a garment you get to take home! Excellent value!

Find the link to registration here on the Uber website if you want to come along!:


Be well A/all - and be shiny!


Fri, Jun. 25th, 2010, 04:35 pm
New photo sets on My website!

Hi A/all!

I've just put three new photo sets up on My site! Here is a small sample here...

I hope you enjoy them - I had wanted to do a heavy rubber shoot for god knows how long, but simply hadn't made the date with Luke from Soul Focus Studio. We shot these in his new professional studio space in Chippendale - it's a really great venue and gives him the opportunity to showcase his amazing work!

See more of his pictures at solfocusstudio.net - he's always putting up more of his almost constant stream of new fetish images.

Like to see the rest of these shoots? Have a look at My site at http://www.mistresstokyo.com

Best - in rubber!


Wed, Jun. 9th, 2010, 01:04 pm
Back in Sydney - & back at what I do best!

Hi A/all!

I'm back in town and busy already - just how I like it! I touched down Monday morning early from LA and have been occupied since then with rubber, more rubber and just a little bit of bondage too! I'm barely unpacked - but one of the first things I took out of My case was the myriad new toys I've brought back from My travels - and I brought back more than a couple of them! ;) We love new shiny torture devices!

I'm back in town until September when I plan to travel again, so I'm available for an audience in Sydney - with a trip to Melbourne planned in the next couple of weeks, too!

I'm eagerly awaiting the rest of the photos from My most recent shoot with Lucas from Soul Focus Studio. We did three great looks just before I traveled to LA and I can't wait to see the rest of his work! I'll be sure to be in touch here with any new pictures as soon as I have them - you'll all just have to wait a little longer... ;)

He recently updated his site too - and it looks smashing! View his site here - http://www.soulfocusstudio.net/ He's always producing the most amazing work - I've even written a testimonial for his site!

So I'm back at sessions again and very happy to say so...

Every now and then, I have an exceptional meeting of minds with a slave - a truly excellent session where W/we have such a great connection from the start W/we can't help but push each other and end up much further down the road into O/our scene than W/we thought initially possible...

Here are some pictures from such a session that I enjoyed only recently. I met this little rubber freak for the first time and really hit it off! I used My piss pants extensively in this scene - the first time I've used them other than modelling them at the Sydney Rubber Ball in 2009! (they are the yellowy rubber thing I'm holding in the above photo, seen again in the last photo on this page.)

I find few people into rubber "enough" who want their C&B locked away in this divine pissy little rubber enclosure - but I finally found one up for the challenge!

I can't tell you exactly what W/we got up to but I will tell you that, by the end the scene, this little piss bag was very very full with a number of different substances! ;) What I did next with that liquid you can only guess! LOTS of fun!

I'm sorry to say My slave went home literally a little sore - but W/we were both very happy at the end of the encounter... ;) I'll look forward to seeing him again sooner!

I'll look forward to hearing from all of you for more rubbery times! Until then...

Rubber regards,


Tue, Jun. 1st, 2010, 06:43 pm
I'm in Chicago at Shibaricon & International Mr Leather! Back in OZ soon!

Hi E/everyone!

I'm in the middle of Chicago right now and headed back to LA for the last leg of My trip in the USA! What a weekend it's been - lovers of rope and leather have flocked like birds of a feather!

After touching down in LA early last week looking forward to My first visit to Shibaricon - the biggest Japanese Rope convention in the world - I learnt that the International Mr Leather convention was on in the same town the same weekend! My time here has most fortuitous time-wise! I went from conference to conference, both learning new skills to expand My bondage knowledge and tasting all that the international leather scene has under one roof!

Shibaricon was great! Three and a half days of rope bondage workshops, performances and chances to play. I had the immense pleasure of meeting many prominent people in the international Rope scene, received the benefit of their experience at workshops and saw them perform! The performances by France's Dr Phil and Germany's Zamil were exceptional and inspirational!

I got to IML on the last day and shopped My 'til My Mastercard could take no more! I have a lot of new toys to bring back for My slaves - we all know I'm a soft touch for shiny new gear - and I did rather lash. I bought a totally amazing (and rather expensive) bit of medical gear that desperately needs a photo shoot as soon as I'm back - you'll just have to wait to see what it is...

Speaking of photo shoots, I was very lucky to squeeze TWO (!!) new photo shoots with Lucas from Soul Focus Studio just before I flew to the US! Three great looks in six hours - we worked through the night! I'll just give you a taste of what we did here...

and here...

...and of course there'll be more on My return to Sydney!

I'm back in town on Monday 7th of June and available for sessions again at the latest on Wednesday 9th. I'll post again so I know you're all ready to sample My amazing new toys and hear about My trip!

Until I'm back in town,


Wed, May. 12th, 2010, 09:52 pm
Come visit My Fans Page on Facebook.com!

Hi A/all!

Okay, so I'm not the MOST technologically advanced person I know and it's taken Me ages to get "into" Facebook in general but - here I am!

Come visit Me at My Fans Page here!


(I've been told by My best geek that a "Fans Page" is the most discreet way of following Me and My activities on Facebook. Unfortunately, it's difficult sometimes to keep O/our lives private in this day and age with so much cross-marketing and online networking occurring. I believe that those who "Like" Me can enjoy more privacy than if I had a regular account at Facebook.)

I'll be updating My Facebook Fans Page with selections from any new photo sets, any website updates and also giving you sneak previews of any new Bootlovers.com shoots I do in the future, too! you can also interact with Me in realtime if I'm online - although My Twitter account at http://twitter.com/mistresstokyo is still the best place to get a sneak peek into My daily life!

See you in cyber space...

Best - online!


Tue, May. 4th, 2010, 11:01 am
My next trip to the USA... & to Shibaricon!!

Hi E/everyone!

Yes, I'm off traveling once more - to the US again! I'll start My journey in California but then I'll fly through to Chicago for the very first time!

My dates are as follows:

Off to the USA on Sunday May 23rd

...then to Chicago on Thursday 27th for 5 days

...then in Cali again until My return to Sydney on Monday June 7th!

I'm going to be in Chicago for this year's Shibaricon! Those who don't know about this world famous event should know it's the jewel in the crown of international Rope happenings.

Shibaricon is the premier conference for Japanese Bondage and a mecca for rope lovers the world over - a full weekend of rope workshops, munches and play nights! I'm looking forward to meeting people I've read about for years and going toe to toe with them with rope in My hand! (I've been wanting to get there for the last 3 years - ideally with some other Sydney rope kinksters in contingent. This year it's 4th time lucky!)

Read more about Shibaricon here!


I'll be contactable via email on themistress@mistresstokyo.com for this period - wifi permitting! I'll not be available on My Australian phone so regularly so email Me instead if you wish to organize a session!

Best - in boots!


Wed, Apr. 28th, 2010, 02:08 pm
I have something very special to announce!

Hi again A/all!

Goodness there's a lot happening here at the moment!

I'm really happy to be able to finally announce something that's been in the planning for a little while now - and is finally happening!

Every now and then I post news here regarding Mistresses who are traveling through Sydney who are choosing to conduct their sessions here in My private studio.

In early May, I'll be looking forward to a visit from a very special person - some of whom you'd be familiar with - and those who are not are about to be!!

The wonderful Jean Bardot, NYC Fetish Ball Miss Rubber World 2009, world renowned Dominatrix, kink performer and international fetish model is visiting Sydney for the very first time ever! I'm looking forward to welcoming Her to My studio and to doing some great sessions together!

Jean has starred in countless fetish movies, has been shot by the best photographers around the world and is one of the most recognizable fetish personalities today. She's also a lovely person and someone I truly welcome to My space!

YES - We are available for sessions together! Be quick to make inquiries as We're already nearly... booked out? :(

Jean is here for only a limited time - from Saturday 8th of May until Tuesday 11th of May - so be in touch with Me directly on 0420 879 204 or at themistress@mistresstokyo.com to make some time to see Us!

Learn more about this beautiful and amazing Domina here at her personal site...


...or visit her Clips For Sale web shop!


All My slaves should be in contact soon - before you are unable to get an audience with Us!


Tue, Apr. 27th, 2010, 04:39 pm
Back from My long weekend away & ready for sessions once more...

Hi A/all!

I'm back from the Anzac Day long weekend and taking on sessions again!

My availabilities have changed as of the last couple of weeks, too! Due to changes in My external study commitments, I am now available for sessions again on Wednesday afternoons where I was unavailable previously! This takes My availabilities up to 6 days per week once more - until I travel again!

I hope all My slaves were able to take a little time away - to get ready to serve Me again once more!

Best - 'til next W/we meet,


Thu, Apr. 22nd, 2010, 12:19 pm
I'm off for Saturday & Sunday of the ANZAC long weekend!

Hi again!

I'm off sessions for this Anzac long weekend! (So soon after Easter?) :)

I'll be uncontactable on My mobile and not checking My inbox either on both Saturday & Sunday - but I'll be returning on the Monday day!

I hope E/everyone has a restful mini-break over the long weekend!



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